Léa Tremblay Fong

Performer + Choreographer

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Danse contemporaine et mix culturel


Born and raised in Québec, I am a contemporary dancer and choreographer based in Montreal. In 2011, I graduated from York University with a Honours Double Major in Dance and International Development Studies. While studying, I independently led several interdisciplinary and intercultural dance projects in Toronto and in Israël/Palestine. Since Winter 2012, I pursue my artistic work in Montreal, Beijing, Ramallah and Taipei, and develop an inspiring connection with different branches of hip-hop/street culture. In collaboration with several artists and organizations, I manage, co-direct, choreograph and perform in interdisciplinary creative projects, which I design in and for the public space, in a human-interactive way. Through artistic interventions combining dance and other disciplines, I hope to trigger emotions, reflections and discussions about the arts and society, about what unites or divides us - always with a particular sensitivity for colonial/social/political issues.
I believe that my art becomes meaningful when it connects to people’s lives, and that by democratizing it, sharing it in spaces accessible to all, it will touch a more diverse public. I chose to go against this cultural/institutional habit of confining contemporary dance to indoor private spaces. Instead I meet people in their everyday lives, on the streets, in order to overcome the habits and socio-economic profiles that often keep us apart; aiming for my art - created and presented in outdoors urban spaces - to become part of, and appreciated in their everyday lives.
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Current Research

In continuing with the artistic research for Insomniaque (see our Facebook page here), I continue to explore and mix contemporary dance, street dance, and different pop culture and music video influences.

I am developing a duo entitled Pelures with Martine Castera. Partnership in the making with Gallery WIP, to develop our next performance there during Summer-Fall 2019, in collaboration with their visual artists. I encourage you to visit and comment on the Pelures Facebook page.

Crédit photo: Phi Nguyen

Past Projects


  • creative intensive in July-August 2018 in the context of Nous Sommes L'Été
  • excerpts presented on Mont-Royal avenue, Montréal, for the event RU, August 2018


  • presented on Prince-Arthur street, Montréal, October 2016 and May 2017

Street dance training in Osaka, Japan, November 2016

Top photo credit: Festival Accès Asie 2017
Dancers, from left to right: Andrea Niño Sarmiento, Marine Rixhon, Léna Demnati, Noémie Dufour-Campeau

Bottom photo credit: Festival Accès Asie 2017
DJ to left: Jacques Boone
Dancers, from left to right: Andrea Niño Sarmiento, Marine Rixhon, Linhnam Tien-Huyn aka Wonka, Martine Castera aka E-Clips, Léa Tremblay Fong, Léna Demnati

Contact: lea.tremblay.fong@gmail.com


Léa Tremblay Fong

+1 514 409-8910
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